Glamazona Travels- Agra, India


Rrrrraaaahhh! My name is Glamazona. I was drawn in the Libyan Amazons from a tribe of chameleon warriors. We used ancient techniques of body stamping, tinted coverings and mud clay prosthetics to camouflage with nature before attack. We were a rich and mighty people. You would never see us coming. The only dilemma was I didn’t like blending in. This was a problem for me and the other warriors. I decided to leave my home in pursuit of a less violently dull life.


I discovered my skills would be best used in beautifying the world with color. This was my calling and I would share this with the FBIA. That is why I decided to become a Side Kick of Super Style. I have now dedicated my life to saving fashion victims and solving fashion crimes. No beauty challenge will defeat me. Rrrraaaahhhh! And now it is my time. Time to share with you my glorious adventures in traveling from continent to continent in the name of beautification.

My first mission with the FBIA was given on a chilly New York day in March. I was walking the premises when I received an alert from Dylanger for the head of Hair and Make-up to meet her in her office at 1400 hours. Rrraaaahhh! I was excited for the opportunity to use my power to make someone feel beautiful. But I knew that I must not let my excitement get the best of me and take over.

Preston Curl III was the head agent of Hair. We arrived at Dylanger’s office at the same time. I could tell by the look on his face he thought he was being sent on a mission with me to be a baby sitter. My reputation of being reckless and untamable had preceded me.

“What?! Do you not approve?! Why do you look at me this way?!” I said with umbrage.

“Honey, I am just glad I have my visors on. Your costume would burn my eyes.” Preston says as he opened the door for us to walk in to Dylanger’s office.

Dylanger greeted us as we arrived. “Curl, Glitz thank you for your prompt arrival. I received a memo today from Abdul Amaal Aadhya. As you know he is a world-renowned photographer and he has requested our services in Agra, India for a high-end fashion shoot for the Holi Festival of Colors at the Taj Mahal. I’ve sent wardrobe ahead of you. I will stay here to head the office. With this being said; Abdul is very fastidious and the festival can be extremely lively. Don’t get distracted! Please stay on task. And Glamazona please remember what we went over time and time again at training camp.”


I rolled my eyes. Where is the trust? I could not believe she was saying this in front of Preston who obviously has a severe case of superiority itis. “Yes, yes. Rules are not my enemy, they are not a list of instructions used to control me. Rules are necessary boundaries used to assist me in completing my desired task.”

Dylanger smiled even though she could hear the sarcasm in my voice. “Thank you Glitz. A plane will be waiting for you in two hours. Further instructions will be given to you on your arrival.”


Preston and I gathered our tools, boarded the plane and headed to India.

India was beautiful. It had a warm charm to it that made me feel at home with just enough darkness lurking around every corner that let me know that there was an adventure to be had. The earthy tones in the complexion of the people, the spice and flavor in the food, the spirit of the healers, the life that lives within the Indian dances and song and the Mughal architecture was almost too overwhelming to take in. I wanted to feel the soil fall through my fingertips. I had to breath in the air and take a spin. I was in love.

“Excuse me Julie Andrews. You are not Maria and this is not The Sound of Music honey. Grab your kit, your carry-ons and please for the dignity of the both of us act like you have been some where before. Let me tell you something about India girl. They will not hesitate to lock us up. William Fioravanti made my costume for this excursion and it will not rot in an Indian cell.” Preston said as he stepped off the plane.


I ran back on to the plane to get my belongings then Preston and I were driven to our shooting location. As we drove I let down the tinted windows to take in the views. “We are going straight to the location? No time to take in the sights, dance with the people or shop at the local markets?!”

Preston tilted his glasses down to the tip of his nose to look at me. “Glam darling there is always time for shopping. We will make time. But first, lets read the details of our assignment.” He opened a black envelope with our instructions inside given to us by Abdul. “Ok, once we are escorted to our shooting location we will be given 20 minutes to set up our work stations and our model Deepika will arrive shortly after. I’m to make her hair rich, wavy and resistant to the Holi powder. You are to paint her face with a special herbal paint left in a package at your station. Make it festive and complementary to Dylanger’s designs. He would also like Henna along her hands, arms and feet. We got this in the bag honey… Deepika will be DIVAED down!!! I wonder what craft services will be like India style?”

As the car ride continued I peeked my head out of the window to see a sign pointing to the location. I jumped out of the car before it could come to a complete stop. I was ready to start our mission. Preston looked at the angered driver and lowered his head in embarrassment.

“Sorry Mr. Driver she is just a little excited. This is her first mission.” The driver extends his hand awaiting a tip. “To restore the luster in your hair you can condition it with coconut oil for five minutes then rinse.” Preston smiles and exits the car.

We set up our things at our stations and waited for Deepika’s arrival. I opened the package with the herbal paint that I was to use for the shoot. I flipped it over to read the back.

“No, no I am not using this face paint!” I screamed furiously to Preston.

“Glam lower your voice. What is the problem?” Preston replies.

“There are no ingredients on the back of this product. How am I to know if this is FDA tested and approved?! This could contain toxic chemicals or heavy metals. Preston I refuse.”

“Glam they said it was a herbal paint probably made of the earth or medicinal plants. I don’t think they would tell you to use it if it was harmful” Preston explained.


As we bantered back and forth Abdul arriveed to set. Everyone on his staff stopped what they were doing to applaud him as he made his entrance. He took a quick bow, flung his scarf back around his neck and flicked his fingers as to say go back to work. His staff quickly continued to set up his film and lighting equipment. He walked over to Preston and I. “Team I came to alert you to a horrendous problem. One more assignment has been added to your mission. Deepika is stuck in the traffic of the festival. She will not be able to arrive on time and I only have a few more hours of the proper amount of sunlight for the shoot. Dylanger suggested to send you out to find a beautiful local to model for the shoot.”

“Yes but Sir. You have other problems. Your face paint is…”

Preston gives me a nudge to quiet me. “We are on it Mr. Aadhya.”

“Thank you. You have one hour.”

I decided to suck in my feelings about the make-up to search through the crowd of festival attendees for a beautiful local. We were on our way but I looked back to see Preston was stalled. “Preston what is the matter we only have one hour?”

“Let me go back and grab a poncho out of the wardrobe emergency kit. If anyone gets anything on my William Fioravanti costume I will have to sting their face with my blow dryer. Surprise! You get a facial, you get a facial and you get a facial!”

Preston puts on a plastic poncho and they are on their way. The crowd is thick and the music is loud. Everyone is covered in colorful Holi powder so it is hard to see their faces.

Preston looks discouraged with the tight deadline. “Great, how are we suppose to find a model without being able to see her face?”

“Just look for the body let me worry about the face. She is out here.” I said as I hunted aggressively.


40 minutes in just as Preston is about to give up hope; I pointed to a tall girl in rags covered in Holi powder dancing alone in the crowd. I knew this was the girl. I could see her beauty through the paint. We swiftly approached her.


“Hello. My name is Glamazona Glitz and this is Preston Curl III. We work for the Fashion and Beauty Intelligence Agency. We are here for a high-end photo shoot with Abdul Amaal Aadhya. We have come across a dilemma. Our model cannot make the shoot and we were sent to find a beautiful local. I would like you to do our shoot.” I explained.

“You must be mistaken? No one thinks that I am beautiful. No one wants to see me I will ruin your shoot. So you see, you should choose someone else.” As she said this she held up her arms to look at her skin.

Preston had a concerned look on his face. “Why are you showing me your hands? Are they dirty?”

“They say I am dirty. No one wants to see me on your fashion shoot.” The girl said as she lowered her head.

Preston recognized that she believed that because of the darkness of her skin she was an untouchable. He removed his poncho and took the girl by the hand. “Am I dirty now?”

The girl snatches back her hand in fear.

“We think that you are beautiful. We need girls just like you so that others will know that they are beautiful too. How can you believe the words that you have been told when my eyes see something completely different. Your dark skin is exactly why we want you.” Preston pleads.

I realized what was going on and chimed in. “Your skin looks just like mine” I reach out my hand so the girl can hold it. “Men fall at my feet for the opportunity of my presence.”


The girl held up her head and began to smile.

I added “And do you know how many women line up for Preston to sew in a weave to make their hair look like yours?! You must come. Be our model.”

“The Holi Festival is usually my favorite time of year. Covering my face with color is the only time I know that we all look the same. All one color. But you choose me because of the thing that I wish to hide. If these things are true I will come with you.” The girl says.

“These things are true. Quick darling, come with us, we do not have much time.” Preston said as we ran back to set.

When we arrived we cleaned off all her Holi powder and while Preston styled her hair I convinced the photographer that he should do the shoot with no paint on her face. I told him the story of how we found the girl and why I thought it was important to display her beautiful dark skin. Abdul was thankful to the girl for saving the shoot and agreed that she was very beautiful. He decided that doing the shoot with no paint on her face was a great idea.


The photos looked great, Dylanger and Abdul were pleased, the girl left the shoot knowing that her skin was beautiful and I didn’t have to work with an unknown herbal medium.

Reference Scriptures: Mark 1:41, Song of Sol. 1:5-6

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